Point-of-Sale Solution

XpressRetail is an advanced, computer based system to simplify the complexities of managing retail business. It is designed from ground up, to make it easy taking your business into the future, without loosing the tradition that you have come to know. It is simple to work with, yet has a complex intelligence.

Why choose to use XpressRetail for your retail business?

Because we've made it fast and simple to save you time and money, along with giving you a peace of mind knowing the job will get done. It has a whole lot of features that will allow you to accomplish & automate complicated and time consuming tasks - which you have been putting aside due to their complexities - with ease. After all what good is a system if it is not easy to use. You are in business to make money not to lose it. So, if you don't have a system that you can control, chances are your losing money somewhere; the only question is how long will it take you to find those black holes. The longer it takes, the more money you will lose. This system will help you identify and eliminate them. With this system there is no excuse for time, the system not only allows you to change critical information quickly, but it can also do it for you so you don't have to.

Management Features

  • Manager password protection - Keep your confidential information out of reach from employees
  • Simplified user interface shortens the learning curve, so your employees are trained in minutes rather then hours OR days
  • Track and manage your inventory with ease
  • Perform fast and accurate on the spot drawer counts
  • Price calculator for management to calculate retail price based on profit margin, mark up OR mark up %

Point-of-Sale Features

  • Sales transactions are fast, easy and as simple as running a calculator
  • Automatically adds tag-along items to current transaction
  • Always displays a running total of current transaction
  • Step by step instructions are right on the POS screen, no need for employees to ask for help
  • Edit & update transactions live, if a customer changes his or her mind
  • Return an item with ease knowing that inventory will be updated immediately
  • View item summary at a glance such as price and quantity on hand
  • Add new items and update prices as you are doing a transaction
  • Look up and print previous transactions for customer disputes
  • Eliminate long lines that can frustrate your employees and stress out your customers
  • Always displays born on dates of 18 and 21 year olds for instant age verification
  • Built in check cashing commission calculator, which displays amount due to customer after the fee

Accounting & Book Keeping Features

  • Double Entry system of accounting
  • Includes a Chart of Accounts to get you started, add/change other accounts as your requirements change
  • Record cash, check, credit card OR any other payments to vendors/suppliers from a single screen, and apply payments to a preset expense account
  • Record cash or check receipts from a single screen
  • Transfer funds between two accounts
  • Maintains accurate balances of accounts

Inventory Management Features

  • Automatic case breakdowns
  • Create matrix, tag along and kit Items
  • Unlimited Categories & Subcategories
  • Keep accurate record of every physical inventory count
  • View ALL DETAILS - including entire sales & purchase history - of any item on ONE SCREEN
  • Allows you to change prices for multiple items with ease

Purchasing Management Features

  • Automatically & accurately calculates purchase order quantity based on sales history OR preset Min/Max stock quantity
  • Allows purchasing of any item from multiple vendors
  • Prints vendor item codes on purchase orders
  • Create purchase orders in advance to maintain budget allocations
  • Edit & update purchase order according to the actual invoice received from vendor
  • Automatically prints updated/suggested price report as you receive purchase orders

Promotions Management Features

  • Schedule new promotions in advance
  • Change/Repeat current/previous promotions
  • Automatically applies promotional prices to POS transaction
  • Setup various promotions
    • Buy 'X' or More Quantity @ 'Y' Dollars Each (Quantity Discounts)
    • Buy 'X' Quantity for 'Y' Dollars
    • Fixed Amount / Percentage Discount Off Regular Price